Building Development

Centennial InterPort™ offers a variety of building development options. Construct your own building or let the specialized team at SunBorne take care of all the details while you participate to the degree you might desire. With over 30 years of combined development experience, 20 years aviation specific, SunBorne provides you with an all-inclusive solution to design, finance and construction. Our relationships with respected architects, designers, contractors, engineers and suppliers each specializing in aviation related facilities partner you with an unparalleled team to create a space customized to meet your needs and specifications.

Long term subleases of fully improved building sites are also available at Centennial InterPort™. These sites begin at one acre and may be combined or altered to suit your individual project needs.

Our established commitment to maintaining high standards for planning, design and maintenance will facilitate your daily activities while creating a quality environment and true lasting values for your company.

  • Discriminating architectural and landscape design standards
  • High quality existing facilities
  • Fully improved commercial building sites
  • High capacity infrastructure systems
  • On-site support and services handled by SunBorne
  • Building and landscape maintenance
  • Snow removal

Please contact our offices for any additional information required.