The SunBorne Companies are family owned and principally managed by Bret and Tyler Packard.  Over 20 years ago, the Packard Family’s long standing involvement in master planned real estate development, intersected with their passion for aviation.  The result was Centennial InterPort™.  SunBorne’s primary goal for Centennial InterPort™ is to conceive, plan, design, process, implement, and operate, a premier business aviation campus within which their tenants can enjoy the conveniences offered by Centennial Airport’s ideal location for both business and aviation needs.

Originally established in 1992 by Michael K. Packard, SunBorne Development, LLC was created for the purpose of planning and development of large mixed use real estate projects. Prior to Centennial InterPort™, SunBorne Development, LLC completed several significant real estate projects in Colorado, which include the Centennial Airport Center, as well as, the Gateway Plaza in Colorado Springs. Today, SunBorne Development, LLC manages the personnel, design, development and construction at Centennial InterPort™. SunBorne XVI, Ltd. was created in 1997 and is the master lessee of the land from the Airport Authority.


” SunBorne’s primary goal for Centennial InterPort™ is to design, build and operate a premier business aviation campus.”


With a combined total of over 55 years of master plan development experience, over 35 years that is aviation specific, the management team at the SunBorne Companies offers detailed knowledge of aviation and master plan developments. Long established relationships developed with highly regarded aviation architects, designers, contractors, engineers and suppliers give the SunBorne Companies the unique ability to manage all facets of design, development and construction on each project, preserving the quality and value of Centennial InterPort™ for all of our clients.